It is a place spoken of only in whispers, people don’t know it well because not all people notice it. Though the massive, beautifully constructed building stands in the dead center of the Vegas strip, most people pass it by. A couple might glance up and smile at the flashing lights, some might stop and watch the fire pits burning outside the place, but only few enter. The Nox isn’t built for everyone, it’s built for a special few. The magical allure of the place sucks in those with nothing left to their name - or those willing to blow it all at a chance to win big.

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Hello darkness, my old friend.


Allegra has always excelled at her job - corrupting souls, breaking the wills of men. Making the poor things cheat and lie, and damn themselves to eternal hellfire. Not only did she enjoy this job, but she loved it. She was fantastic at it, without ever barely even lifting a finger she could have the unfaithful falling at her feet and begging for her love. Something she never gave but often offered. From the day she was created by Lucifer himself she was a favorite. She was there for the fall of Rome, the riots in Paris and every major event through history; being the cause of more than a good few. For many centuries Allegra was bringing in souls left and right, tossing them down the pit and never looking back. But ripping the spirits from men gets tedious.

It wasn’t that she’d lost her touch, she’d just finally become bored. Luckily the Devil had a new idea in mind and she was right there with him when he rose up the Nox. One of the first patrons of the place, Allegra fell in love and never left. Though Lucifer reigns, and his daughter oversees, Allegra deals with most things. She is one of the few enforcers of the Nox, ensuring that people and demons aren’t out of line. Not only does she handle unruly pets, but demons too. If you act out enough to catch her attention, you can be assured that you’ll meet the end of her whip. She’s just in her punishments, but not gentle.

Never until a year ago was it that she took her own pet, Benjamin. He’s a good pet, obedient and trustworthy; from the day she saw the boy she knew he had potential and it took barely any time to whip him into shape. Before him she’d never officially owned a pet under her own collar. Trained, tortured and kept pets yes, but none had shared a home with her for the night, none got to see her room on the highest floor (beneath of course, the King himself). None allowed to speak to her as he. While she’s kind to him at most times, it’s not a strange occurrence for her to take her anger and frustration out on him. And not in a sexual way, in fact she’s never fed off him, he off her and she’s never had any sort of physical relationship with him. She, until this point never wanted to. Though, for the past six months - over half of his ownership, she’s been roaming the world looking for more souls for her maker. She’s only just recently returned, and is realizing now more than ever how good of a pet Ben actually is.


On the surface Allegra is little more than a regular demon. Angry and cold, most times she’s unforgiving and vicious. The woman holds a certain presence about herself. Not that she’s cocky or stuck up, more so that when she enters a room you notice her. She’s hard to miss and even harder to ignore. She’s soft spoken but carries authority and wisdom in her voice. She’s intelligent and generally sounds more polite than you’d expect. She doesn’t use modern day slang or know much about those strange terms that humans seem to use. She’s an old soul - without a soul.

While Allegras punishments are fair, they’re not kind. She does enjoy breaking pets, it was her job to crack the will of humans for so long it’s a part of her she’s not willing to let go. Though it’s not evident, Allegra is actually rather empty. She hides any pain she might feel very well, but fear is something she’s been feeling more and more. Fear for falling, fear for feeling… Fear of caring for someone or something that doesn’t care in the same way. Being used and desired for nothing more than her body for so many years - and still with Nicholas and many others, left her assuming that’s all anyone would ever want. She’s not willing to trust anyone with something even she doesn’t understand - her heart.

Allegra Cain | Appears 26 | Born Demon: Mastema | At the Nox since it opened | Rosie Huntington-Whitley | Taken