It is a place spoken of only in whispers, people don’t know it well because not all people notice it. Though the massive, beautifully constructed building stands in the dead center of the Vegas strip, most people pass it by. A couple might glance up and smile at the flashing lights, some might stop and watch the fire pits burning outside the place, but only few enter. The Nox isn’t built for everyone, it’s built for a special few. The magical allure of the place sucks in those with nothing left to their name - or those willing to blow it all at a chance to win big.

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Hello darkness, my old friend.

While I understand the good intentions.

This is our baby - the characters are our babies. Some of those characters are things we’re insanely attached to. We understand you’ve grown attached to the characters as well. Feel free (if they’re canon, if they’re OC’s we clearly don’t have the ability to dictate what and where you play) to use independent blogs and keep your characters alive.

The roleplay won’t be gone forever, but right now the two admins are going through a bit of a medical emergency; Chris is at least - which leaves me taking care of him, and thus I won’t be choosing a website over the man that needs some help. If anyone actually wants to know more, you can message me I’ll get to it when I can. I’d like to add in, that if you do care for his emotions and stress level - beyond my own, you will take the blog down. It’s made him livid, and he’s obscenely stressed out; which is not good, considering. 

I apologize for not saying it sooner, but I don’t exactly have much downtime to myself, and he actually came across the ‘new’ version of this. It set him off a little, so I’m trying to address it.

Again, I understand the good intent, but it’s ours. Even with the credit, it wouldn’t be our baby. We spend hundreds of hours writing that plot, those characters, making that environment and trust me we’re more torn up about having to abandon it than anyone.

But the fact it, it needs to be closed for a while. I hate to say it, and I feel like a bit of a Nazi for saying you guys can’t re-make it. But, I have OCD and things need to be done just so when it comes to anything that I make - so integrating my canons with someone elses would just send me a bit over the edge. That, and Chris doesn’t like the idea of his OCS (which were posted as canons) as well as mine used by other people.

EDIT: You can make a roleplay INSPIRED by the Nox - using the same type concept: as long as you credit us as the inspiration. But we don’t want to see any of our canons (save for sierra since she wants to continue to use her) or our specific plot and otherwise. It’s something we worked long and hard on, as said above we hate to see it die right now but we have no choice. 


Agrat Bat Mahlat had been an angel once, created alongside Eisheth and Namaah to be one of Samael’s consorts, but unlike the others, it never contained anything of delicacy within itself. That which it lacked, it found intriguing in others, far preferring the softness of flesh of its fellow consorts to that of its designated mate. Always fierce, it was inevitable that it would fight and fall with Lucifer.

Genderless as an angel, it was doubly-sexed as a demon, capable of being male or female at will. Living in flux, Agrat exists like Schrödinger’s cat, both and neither until the point of observation, probabilities collapsing to produce form. Physically androgynous with a flat chest and husky voice, it is usually viewed as either a handsome woman or beautiful man, depending on the trappings of its clothing, hair, and makeup, though it tends towards a female appearance with masculine garb and titles.

It is a succubus, or incubus depending, a seducer, drawing energy slowly from its lovers in the form of sexual pleasure, each orgasm tearing away a little more of its victim’s essence. In short, Agrat will drink your soul out through your cunt. It will bring you ecstasy and leave you ruin. Luckily, it doesn’t often take lovers for very long. Rarer still is when it takes a man. Though technically a queen in Hell, it is an absent one, choosing instead to live among the humans. It abandoned its realm early, for it seeks pleasure and there is little of that to be found in Hell. But as much as it enjoys its place among the mortals, it sometimes misses the company of demons, and this is when it makes its way to The Nox.


Agrat Bat Mahlat has always been wicked. Nothing is sacred to it. One of its favorite pastimes involves sneaking into convents and other spaces closed to men disguised as a woman and seducing its occupants, occasionally leaving some “blessed” with its children. While it has fathered many, it has never borne one. Likewise, while many have loved Agrat, it has never returned the affection. And how could it when it so easily overwhelms its lovers, leaving them broken in its wake?

Despite its cruelty, Agrat has a deceptively easy smile and relaxed disposition, never revealing any sinister intent until well after the deed is done. It can be prone to competition, especially among its own kind. Its habit of poaching others’ lovers has on occasion brought it trouble with other demons, chief among them being Asmodeus. If he is king of lust, Agrat would rightly be his counterpart, though never his queen. Desire is Agrat’s element, seduction its game, and pleasure its reward. It is the monster that lurks between the sheets and the face that never looked better than when it was in between your legs.

Charlie Mishala | Appears Twenty-Eight | Born Demon: Agrat Bat Mahlat | At the Nox for: In and out, just recently returning | Kate Moenning | Taken

I just wanted to inquire whether or not either of your moderators had AIM. I’m a long-time role-player, but I’ve never attempted role-playing on tumblr. I’m interested in beginning to do so, and in joining this as my first role-play.
ASKED BY Anonymous

We don’t have AIM, but we can happily answer any questions you have. Chris MIGHT but I’m honestly not sure, and he’s sleeping.

We’re glad you’re considering this to be your first tumblr experience, and we’ll make it smooth as possible. All of our members are great and extremely friendly ( a few of them new to tumblr RP themselves ) and would all help if you ever had any questions.

I think Bianca Lawson would be a cool colored FC to see. c: Also, I would love to see a Hayley Williams FC.
ASKED BY Anonymous

Bianca Lawson sure, but I don’t think I’d but Hayley - however, if someone wants to write an OC and use her face I won’t say no.

Just for the record, Anon.

I’m almost 90% sure I know who you are, so I mean in future it would be great if you’d talk to us OFF anon so that I could respond privately and explain to you in greater detail why we’ve been so lacking on our characters, but doing our best to maintain the roleplay, and making plans to build it back up. Along with the reasoning behind not removing certain people from the roleplay for being inactive for such a long time (example: Benjamin Larson).

Updated the flood list.

Please look at it and make sure you know who’s placed with whom. If you don’t see a name on there, please send in a message and let us know.